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The Emperor Claudius and The Appio Claudio


Published on:  2018-02-15 13:22:00

  Famous people of Rome

The district owes its name to the Roman emperor born August of the 0th before Christ. Claudio was the fourth Roman emperor of the Julio Claudian dynasty. Born with the name of Tiberius Claudio Druso, he was considered by his contemporaries as an unlikely candidate to as an emperor, due to some physical infirmity, so much so that his family kept him away from public life until he was forty-seven years old, when he held the consulate together with his nephew Calìgola, which was probably his infirmity and lack of political consideration. they allowed him to survive the purges that hit many members of the Roman nobility, during the reigns of Tiberius and Calìgola: at the death of the latter, Claudius became emperor precisely as the only adult male of the Julio Claudian dynasty. Claudio showed remarkable qualities: he was a skilled administrator, a great patron of public housing, expanded ionist in foreign policy and a tireless legislator, who presided over the tribunals personally and who promulgated twenty edicts in one day.

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