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The Emperor Caracalla


Published on:  2018-02-15 13:15:00

  Famous people of Rome

The construction of the thermal complex started in 206 by Septimius Severus, founder of the dynasty of the Severes. The baths were inaugurated in 216 by his son Caracalla, who ascended the throne in 211, without the work being completely ended.  Lucius Septimius Bassiano, also known as Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, reigned from 198 to 211 and was best known by the nickname Caracalla, was a Roman emperor, belonging to the dynasty of the Severes. In 200, Gaius Fulvio Plautianus, father of Fulvia Plautilla, promised Caracalla his daughter as his wife. They married in 202, but three years later they divorced, because Caracalla had executed Plautianus. Tradition wants the future emperor to refuse to sleep and eat with his wife, so he had no children from her. After the divorce Caracalla exiled her and her brother Hydrangea on the island of Lipari, where in 212 they were executed. Thus the brutal and bloodthirsty figure of Caracalla arose.

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