Loquis: Sabrina Ferilli in the Bar Sacco

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Sabrina Ferilli in the Bar Sacco


Published on:  2018-02-21 17:16:00

  Famous people of Rome

Bar Sacco, which in the film by Paolo Genovese will be called « The Place », serves coffee and cappuccinos. « The Place » is the adaptation of the US TV series « The Booth At The End », and has only one set: a table in a bar where a man, Valerio Mastandrea, in fact, is to receive clients and occasionally speaks with a waitress. «While all the actors have played one or two days, Valerio has been standing on a chair at the table for days: if he wins the David Donatello makes it as best scenography, maybe he s the only one he s missing », says Genovese joking.The plot: eight people, unknown to each other, make a deal with a mysterious man (God? Devio? The Consciousness?) that seems spend his days sitting in the bar.It is a particular person, able to fulfill the wishes, but in exchange they will have to perform a task that will be assigned to him.But what is the « place » of Rome where the protagonists can look better inside? « The Tangenziale at 5 pm » says laughing Mastrandrea. « The bathroom of my house », throws Giallini there. «Campo de Fiori», for the director. No place for Sabrina Ferilli. «I would not know what to answer», says the Roman actress born in 1964, shrugging her shoulders. Strange, really that there is not a place of the heart in the Eternal City for one who acted in the « The Great Beauty » by Paolo Sorrentino and that for Rome and the Romans was undressed at the Circus Maximus, a tribute to Crazy Horse for the Scudetto of AS Rome, now 6 years ago.

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