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via Wanda Osìris


Published on:  2018-09-01 18:34:00

  Streets of Rome

We take this opportunity to remember the first great Italian soubrette, born in Rome in 1905. It is remembered for its aversion to the purple color and the birds, both alive and fake, for its generosity. A continuous search for beauty, she loved descending Hollywood stairs and famous reproductions such as Trinità dei Monti, surrounded by young dancers who chose herself .. Said Wandissima and Divina, with ocher make-up, oxygenated hair, feathers, heels, sequins, the rivers of Arpège perfume, the roses, the rich costumes, in an Italy distorted by the Second World War, was the first Italian light show Diva.Involuntarily it became the first gay icon for a world that could not be socially represented if not through these manifestations composed by a very heterogeneous public, during the fascism, for the directives issued by Achille Starace, she was forced to italianize the name of art , who became Vanda Osiris.

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