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Renato Ràscel


Published on:  2018-02-14 12:00:00

  Famous people of Rome

He grew up in Rione Borgo, after being baptized in San Pietro. No one can be considered more Roman than Renato! He was Renato Ranucci but when he had to choose a stage name, he chose Rachel, as the name of a very popular powder in those days. It was the Thirties. After he took the Italianized name of "Rascele" in compliance with the directives issued by Achille Starace on behalf of the Fascist regime. It appened despite the resistance of the young but witty Renato who replied: « Change first Manin in " Manino, "and then we'll talk about it ». With pungent irony, in 1939 during a break in the dressing room, he wrote the first strophes: « È arrivata la bufera / è arrivato il temporale / chi sta bene e chi sta male / e chi sta come gli par » of what sounds like another of his surreal nursery rhyme, that the public welcomed with a general and liberating laughter, almost to want to downplay the thickening on Europe of a new war conflict to which the words d In the song they seem to refer, not too lightly.

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