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Anna Magnani


Published on:  2018-02-14 08:58:00

  Famous people of Rome

He lived between Porta Pia and Via Alessandria and here, the national « Nannarella » formed his personality. Born in Rome on March 7th, 1908. Considered one of the greatest female interpreters in history, an actress symbol of Italian cinema, she is also particularly well-known, with Alberto Sordi and Aldo Fabrizi, as one of the leading figures of the cinematographic Romany of Twentieth century. Well-known are her interpretations, especially in films such as « Rome Open City »,  « Bellissima », « Mamma Roma » and « The rose tattooed ». In 1972 his last film appearance, in the cameo strongly wanted by Federico Fellini for his film « Roma ». At night, Anna Magnani crosses the alleys of Rome. He responds to Fellini and, laughing, closes the door in front of the camera and there he concludes his long and magnificent film career. She died in Rome on 26 September 1973, at the age of 65 years.

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