Loquis: Trilussa in Palazzo del Cinque

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Trilussa in Palazzo del Cinque


Published on:  2019-07-22 14:20:00

  Famous people of Rome

Carlo Alberto Camillo was born in Rome on October 26, 1871 by Vincenzo, a waiter from Albano Laziale, and Carlotta Poldi, a Bolognese dressmaker.  The troubled childhood of the young Charles was struck by the death of his father Vincenzo. Carlotta Poldi, after the death of her husband, decided to move with the little Carlo to via Ripetta, where he remained for only eleven months, and then moved again, in the palace in piazza di Pietra of the Marquis Ermenegildo Del Cinque, godfather of Carlo. Probably thanks of the Marquis of Five that Trilussa will have the knowledge of Filippo Chiappini, poet of roman dialect follower of the Belli. Trilussa was an Italian poet, writer and journalist, to be remembered for his compositions in Roman dialect.

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