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Cesare Pascarella


Published on:  2018-02-14 08:31:00

  Famous people of Rome

For the rest of his life he lived in the Campo Marzio district.The new capital seethed with novelties, ideas, projects, yearnings: the twenty years old Pascarella dived in and began to frequent the worldly and innovative artists, participating in the activities of the" Twenty Five of Roman countryside "(where he was known for his donkeys), attending the Caffè Greco, forging relationships with the artists more similar to him for restlessness and need again, collaborating with the Byzantine Chronicle and later with the Fanfulla della domenica, which publish the his first things: the characteristic note of his personality is the restlessness: after the trip to Sardinia in with D’ Annunzio and Scarfoglio to the discovery of a world considered mysterious and archaic, he continues to travel a lot (India, Japan, United States, China, Argentina, Uruguay), annotating in his notebooks drawings and acute and caustic observations, but man is deeply tied to his city, a privileged scenario d the many of his works. He is also a great walker (and the reports of these experiences end up equally in the notebooks and his journalistic collaborations) and then he recites in the theater.

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