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Giulio Andreotti


Published on:  2018-02-14 08:20:00

  Famous people of Rome

He was a student at Liceo Tasso, born on January 14, 1919 he was an Italian politician, writer and journalist and was one of the leading exponents of the Christian Democrats, a senator for life since 1991 , he was the most voted politician in Italy in all the political elections, except in 1948 and 1953 , when he was second in preference to Alcide De Gasperi alone, and in 1963 and 1968 , according to Aldo Moro, Andreotti was also the politician with the largest number of government positions in the history of the republic. In fact, he was: seven times President of the Council twenty-seven times minister: eight times Minister of Defense, five times Minister of Foreign Affairs, three times Minister of State Holdings, twice Minister of Finance, Minister of Budget and Economic Planning and Minister of Industry, Trade and Crafts, once Treasury Minister, Minister for the Interior, Minister for Cultural and Environmental Heritage (ad interim) and Minister of Culture Community olytes. He underwent a criminal association process. Acquitted at first instance by the Court of Palermo for insufficient evidence, was then acquitted due to insufficient evidence on May 2 , 2003 also by the Court of Appeal of Palermo for the events after 1980, while guilty for those prior to 1980.

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