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Eros Ramazzotti


Published on:  2018-02-13 17:46:00

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Eros grows in the suburbs of southeastern Rome Cinecittà, in the Làmaro district housing business.Its father was a musician and amateur singer.From young, Eros shows a precocious predisposition for music, first of all interested in studying piano and then guitar, using two of his friends from his neighborhood, a jazz guitarist, the other piano bar entertainer.After the middle school, Eros applies for admission to the Conservatory of Rome, but is rejected.It enrolls in the accountancy, whose institute is he found his home opposite him: after three years he went to school with little interest and profit, his peers and friends of his then remember him in constant company of his dog Billy, from whom he never separates himself. It is one of the most successful singers in panorama of Italian pop music and in Latin pop internationally since the eighties. From 1984, it has sold about 60 million records and boasts important collaborations with internationally renowned singers such as Tina Turner, Cher, Anastacia, Ricky Martin, Joe Cocker, Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti.

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