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Nicola Piovani


Published on:  2018-02-13 17:31:00

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"He is an Italian pianist, composer and conductor. Nicola Piovani was born in Rome, in the Trionfale quarter, on 6 May 1946. His father, Alberico Piovani, originally from Corchiano (in the province of Viterbo), is an amateur musician: he plays the trumpet in the band of the country. His aunt Pina Piovani is an actress, who has worked in the major Roman theater companies: Ettore Petrolini, Aldo Fabrizi, Romolo Balzani. As a child he began to study the accordion first, then the piano. At years of the "contestation", and at the university, Piovani entered a collective, in which there was also Silvano Agosti.In 1968 the group produces a series of newsreels, which document the student movement, and Piovani is entrusted with the commissioned to realize the musical commentary: it will be his first soundtrack.Note author of soundtracks, he worked with some of the greatest directors of Italian cinema, winning the Oscar in 1999 for music he of the film «Life is beautiful». He is also the author of musical theater and concert music.

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