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Giacoma de Settesoli


Published on:  2018-02-13 12:21:00

  Famous people of Rome

She too was born in this district in 1190, she was given a very young wife to Graziano Frangipane de Settesòli, exponent of the noble Roman family of Frangipane.She became a widow in 1217, then lady of the many castles and lands of the Frangipane. He met St. Francis of Assisi in 1210, when the saint came to Rome. St. Francis inspired by Jàcopa in 1221 founded the order of the «Brothers and Sisters of Penance» or «Third Order» dedicated to the laity who, though remaining to live in world, they wished to lead a Franciscan-style Christian life.According to tradition, when the saint was dying he dictated a letter to be sent to Giacoma because he wanted to see her again before dying, and asked her to wear his bridal veil and the mostaccioli, sweet typical of Rome, but Giacoma arrived in Assisi before the letter was sent, carrying just what Francis had asked her to bring in. After Francesco’s death, Giacoma returned to Rome, he left the power to his son Giovanni and dedicated himself to works of charity and piety, he obtained in from the Benedictines the assignment of the Hospital of San Biagio which became the convent of San Francesco a Ripa.

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