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Gian Lorenzo Bernini


Published on:  2018-02-13 12:10:00

  Famous people of Rome

He was born in Naples in 1598 and died in Rome in 1680. He was buried at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.  He was sculptor, urban planner, architect, painter, scenographer and Italian playwright. A multi-faceted and multifaceted artist, Bernini is considered the greatest protagonist of Baroque figurative culture. His work obtained a sensational success and dominated the European scene for more than a century after his death; similarly Bernini's influence on contemporaries and posterity was of enormous magnitude. Supported and appreciated by the Barberini family, he lived difficult years when Innocent Tenth became Pope because he preferred Borromini, his arch rival. But Bernini was very cunning and stubborn as well as talented and when he knew that Innocent Tenth wanted to realize a fountain in Piazza Navona, during the night, he introduced in the Vatican a silver model of the fountain that astonished the Pope. So the Fountain of the four rivers was realized by Bernini.

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