Loquis: Claudio Villa, the king of Trastevere

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Claudio Villa, the king of Trastevere


Published on:  2018-02-06 13:48:00

  Famous people of Rome

In Trastèvere, the mother was called Ulpia, she was a laundress, and she sold homemade cakes to the tram terminus.The father Pietro (cobbler, then coachman and water bowl) came in and out of Regina Coeli. Claudio had inherited his father’s trade, going to fill the flasks of Acqua Acetosa at night until he discovers he has a beautiful voice and is hired by the glorious Ambra Jovinelli. It seems that it was a real Don Giovanni considered by women very fascinating. He won four editions of Sanremo Festival: His career was marked by a unique grit and for this he was called «il Reuccio». In 1973 Villa fell in love with Patrizia Baldi, daughter of a friend of his, between them there were thirty-one years of difference. When she reached the age of majority, the marriage lasted until the death of Villa. In 1986 a dancer told of having two children from a long relationship with Claudio Villa. puts on January 2 , 1987, was seized by a heart attack.

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