Loquis: Elio Germano and Corviale

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Elio Germano and Corviale


Published on:  2018-02-06 13:59:00

  Famous people of Rome

Beautiful face of the contemporary film scene, his grandparents were peasants and so also Elio Germano cultivated a vegetable garden in his small house in Corviale, on the outskirts of Rome. Despite the success infact, the actor didn't leave his old neighborhood, as well as the habit to frequent popular neighborhoods like San Lorenzo, Pigneto and Trastèvere. For these reasons a lot of people call it an antidivo, but the truth is that being an actor does not mean having to accept the media success or the clamor at all costs. Elio Germano has simply retained his old lifestyle, his old friends and his old habits.

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