Loquis: Carlo Cassola of Via Clitunno

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Carlo Cassola of Via Clitunno


Published on:  2018-02-06 14:02:00

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Cassola was born in Rome, in the Salario district, on March 17, 1917. In 1933, with Vittorio Mussolini (who will soon retire) and five other teenagers, he founded a movement that was called «Novismo» of antifuturist youth dissent; the position immediately aroused bitter reactions on the weekly «Futurism» because of the inevitable implications on the relationship between art and politics, and the claim of the futurists to be the only depositaries of the conception of art in fascism. The young novists immediately responded by confirming their principles and declaring themself to be part of a movement of ideas about all fields of human activity and rejecting all kind of prejudices. Cassola not only took part in the novices meetings, but hosted them in his home in via Clitunno in Rome, as Ruggero Zangrandi tells us «From the first meetings held in my house we had moved in the cellar of Carlo Cassola for the semi-illegal meetings, in via Clitunno in Rome: a symbol or, perhaps, the suggestion of carbonaric societies, which we were inspired by».

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