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Massimiliano Fuksas


Published on:  2018-02-06 18:20:00

  Famous people of Rome

Born in Rome on January 9, 1944, the son of a Lithuanian doctor of Jewish religion and of an Italian Catholic of French and Austrian origins, after his father's death he moved to Graz with his maternal grandmother, coming back to Rome to attend high school. At the end of the fifties, Fuksas started knowing important exponents of the Italian culture of the time, including Asor Rosa, Pasolini, Caproni, Bruno Zevi. He also met Giorgio De Chirico, and he worked at his studio in Piazza di Spagna, developing a growing interest to art. For this reason, he decided to enroll in La Sapienza Faculty of Architecture and he took an active part in the sixty-eight movements that reached the peak of the Valle Giulia battle. During this period, he also travelled a lot in Europe, working for Archigram in London and then, for a short period, for Henning Larsen. He was a pupil of Bruno Zevi, who has always been distant from the academic culture and from the drown architecture, dominant in that age in Italy. Two years before graduation, in 1967, he opened an office in the capital, the GRANMA. From the nineties, he began to deal with urban problems in large metropolitan areas and focused his professional practice especially on the realization of public works. Interested in chaos theory, he frequently resorts to complex geometries such as fractals and clouds. His, among various polemics and appreciations, the project of La Nuvola all EUR.

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