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Luca Barbarossa


Published on:  2018-03-14 16:31:00

  Famous people of Rome

He was born in Via di San Giacomo the Roman singer-songwriter Luca Barbarossa: «Then it was a popular neighborhood with many artisans shops. Today it is an unapproachable area, both from the point of view of real estate (how much it costs!) and logistically (there is always traffic). The real city, the one in which I was born and raised, the rediscovery in scooter, giving a new, or perhaps old, slowness. Even the Romans have changed or maybe they are not there anymore: too nervous or lazy to remember the beauties of a city, on which you just open your eyes to get excited». Started as a street musician in Piazza Navona. First popularity with Rome stripped in Sanremo in 1981, new successes at the Festival of San Remo 1986 with «Via Margutta», with that of 1987 with as in a film, in 1988 with « L’amore rubato ». He is the top scorer of the national singers, with whom he scored 207 goals in 225 games played.

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