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Donna Olimpia


Published on:  2018-03-14 20:07:00

  Famous people of Rome

Olimpia Maidalchini better known as Donna Olimpia or, popularly, the «Pimpaccia» was born in Viterbo on May 6,1592. She became part of the Pamphili family by marrying Pamphilius Pamphili, brother of John the Baptist, who became Pope Innocent Tenth. Olimpia joined his brother-in-law and decided the fate of Rome with cruelty, calculation skills and greed. After the death of Innocent Tenth, Alexander Seventh became Pope. For this reason, Donna Olimpia, lost his power, was sent into exile in Viterbo and there she probably died because of the plague. As a legend says, every years, on January 7, on the anniversary of Innocent Tenth’s death, or on full moon nights, the ghost of Donna Olimpia appears near Villa Pamphilj on her carriage full of gold and pulled by four steeds, leaving a trail of fire and raging through the streets of Rome. After crossing Ponte Sisto, it is said that she disappears in the Tiber, where the devils come every time to bring her back to the hell: for this reason, until 1914 the stretch of the via Aurelia between Villa Pamphilj and Porta S.Pancrazio was nicknamed via Tiradiavoli and the Arch of Paolo Fifth was called the arch of Tiradiavoli.

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