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Il 404 of Fellini


Published on:  2018-04-17 12:13:00

  Rome in the Movies

In the film «L’Intervista», Fellini tells his first trip to Cinecittà: few kilometers from Termini station, maybe not even half an hour of travel, but it was a fantastic journey, a crossing of layers and layers of cities of incredible visions.  The tram was the stagecoach of «Red Shadows», «the ship of the Argonauts», the «Orient Express». Fellini explained to us that it doesn't matter how long the journey we have to do but how far it takes us, what really matters is our disposition to surprise. Every short trip can also be a disorientation, an extraordinary adventure. To see that tram 404 you can go to the Museum Park of Porta San Paolo station. Here the blue tram is between locomotives and carriages of our past as the yellow one of the Rome Lido of 1925.

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