Loquis: The Facts of Murder in Piazza Farnese

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The Facts of Murder in Piazza Farnese


Published on:  2018-03-18 10:26:00

  Rome in the Movies

«The Facts of Murder» is a 1959 film directed and played by Italian director Pietro Germi. The plot is a re-elaboration of the novel «That Awful Mess on via Merulana» by Carlo Emilio Gadda. The film begins with the framing of the Piazza Farnese fountain with the background of the song «Sinnò Me Moro», written by the same Germi with the collaboration of Maestro Carlo Rustichelli, and sung by his sixteen year old daughter, in art Alida Chelli. In this way the spectator will be introduced immediately into the Roman popular environment and understand to stand to witness a sentimental drama of blood and Ppassion.

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