Loquis: The Peddler and the Lady

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The Peddler and the Lady


Published on:  2018-03-18 10:15:00

  Rome in the Movies

It is also the title of a film by Mario Bonnard of 1943 . The film is part of the trilogy including «Before The Postman» and «L’ultima carrozzella», where Aldo Fabrizi interprets people like the tram driver, the coachman and, here, the fishmonger The film was not shot in the studio but in real and popular places.The use of natural sets such as the square, the bachelor apartment of Fabrizi, the barber shop of Peppino de Filippo, and the use of actors spontaneous, coming from the vaudeville as Anna Magnani, all this was considered by critics as a sign of a first emergence of cinematic realism.The use of the Roman interaland then, less dialectal than the other spoken, begins to highlight in the cinema the regionality linguistics later became a feature of the films of the Italian comedy, the protagonist of the film is Piazza di Campo de Fiori, frequented by a diverse humanity of piazzaroli. to their merchandise and the bickering with the buyers who questioned their freshness, magnificently made by Anna Magnani, are the background to the story.

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