Loquis: A dinner in the Pantheon

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A dinner in the Pantheon


Published on:  2018-03-18 09:49:00

  Rome in the Movies

The Pantheon stars in the foreground of the scene-dinner in the film by Peter Greenaway, «The belly of an architect». The American architect Stourley Krackle arrives in Rome with the young pregnant wife, Louisa, to organize an exhibition of architecture dedicated to the projects of Étienne-Louis Boullée. During his stay he discovers to suffer from a terminal form of pancreatic cancer. He tries to erase from his mind the drama that struck him, but the only reliefs to his misfortune are the thought of the child that is about to be born and the feeling that the stones of the eternal City minimise the importance of each individual destiny. Central knots of the film soon become the reflections of the American architect on the monuments that surround him and that pose in a more acute perspective the individual suffering: in the course of history man surrounds himself in a manic way of images Reproducing belly of famous statues.

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