Loquis: A secretary in Villino Maraini

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A secretary in Villino Maraini


Published on:  2018-05-04 14:34:00

  Rome in the Movies

«Donatella» is a 956 film by Monicelli. Donatella is a Roman girl of humble origin, frank and healthy principles, daughter of a bookbinder and girlfriend of the gas station Guido. One day she happens to find a woman s purse containing and documents, and does not hesitate to return it to the owner.This is a very rich American lady who as a reward offers Donatella a post of secretary: her job, manage the lady’s Roman villa (Villino Maraini in Via Ludovisi 4 ) during the absences of this, does not require particular commitment and allows the girl to live for a while in the comfort of a high society unknown to her.Donatella meets casually Maurizio, young rich, elegant and well-mannered, and ends up falling in love, preferring in his heart to the frivolous and womanizer Guido. When Maurizio discovers Donatella s humble origins, he tends to believe that she has deceived him, but then convinces himself of the girl s good faith, and grazes and also to the honesty of Guido, who recognizes that he is not the man suited to Donatella and decides to leave her free, the two end up getting married.

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