Loquis: The Bird with The Crystal Plumage in Biopark

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The Bird with The Crystal Plumage in Biopark


Published on:  2018-03-01 14:46:00

  Rome in the Movies

«The Bird with The Crystal Plumage» is a 1970 film, the first directed by Dario Argento, which has also signed the subject and screenplay, loosely inspired by the novel «The Screaming Mimi» of Fredric Brown. The film is the first episode of the Animal trilogy directed by the director. In the movie someone understood where the noise came from. It is the verse of a rare animal living in the southern Caucasus, commonly called the crystal-feathered bird. Outside the Caucasus there is only one live specimen at the zoo in Rome. Immediately Sam, Giulia, Carlo and the police go to the zoo to see the bird. In front of the cage, Sam notes how the husband's house of the only victim escaped the murderer give right on the zoo. The three hear cries come from the building and rush to see. They break through the door and find Alberto while he's trying to kill his wife.

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