Loquis: An Average Little Man

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An Average Little Man


Published on:  2018-03-01 11:59:00

  Rome in the Movies

The house where Giovanni lives with his son Mario and his wife (Shelley Winters) is Piazzale Prenestino. «An Average Little Man» is a 1977 film directed by Mario Monicelli, based on the homonymous novel by Vincenzo Cerami, published in 1976. Giovanni Vivaldi is Alberto Sordi, a modest employee in a public office on the threshold of retirement, his life is split between work and family. With his wife he shares great expectations for his son Mario Giovanni exposes himself in order to help his son at all costs , until the point of humiliating himself in front of his superiors.The day of the written test provided for by the competition announcement, his son Mario is killed by a stray bullet after a bank robbery.The tragic event and the suffering that they overwhelm the lives, convictions and morals of the Vivaldi spouses. Giovanni, blinded by pain and hatred, throws himself headlong into a lonely and desperate action, and after following and stalking his son s killer, he manages to make him his prisoner, tying him with a wire to a chair, in the shed where he went fishing with his son.

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