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The village of The Hawks and the Sparrows


Published on:  2019-01-18 11:11:00

  Rome in the Movies

Torre Righetti, Monte del Trullo, the Borgata Petrelli, Villa Kock and some other places in the area, now included in the fifteenth Municipality of Rome, were the scene, over forty years ago, of the performance of Totò and Ninetto, protagonists of «The Hawks and the Sparrows», one of the masterpieces of Pier Paolo Pasolini. Borgata Petrelli, writes Antonello Anappo: «an agrarian village of the eighteenth century, between Portuense and Magliana, on an area rich in archaeological memories. the Bisco Sacro degli Arvali, the Catacombs, Santa Passera, the Papal Villa and Villa Bonelli. In 1884 a defensive trench cuts the Petrelli in two.The September 8, 1943 there fought the furious battle of Ponte della Magliana, in which the Grenadiers resisted 20 hours to the German assaults In remembrance of those tragic events, the Master Plan of 1962 maintained the trench where it was, and saved the neighborhood from the concrete. Actually Petrelli is a part of the Valle dei Casali park ».

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