Loquis: An end from « Borotalco »

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An end from « Borotalco »


Published on:  2018-02-28 21:13:00

  Rome in the Movies

Sergio and Nadia are two young Romans, sellers of encyclopaedias door to door. Sergio, mild and clumsy, lives in a boarding school dividing the room with Marcello, a dancer with a conspicuously Ciociaro accent. He leads a life of gram, working without success, pressed by his girlfriend Rossella and the grim father-in-law Augustus. Nadia, beautiful and bright, engaged to a mechanic, shares an apartment with her friend Valeria and is an avid fan of Lucio Dalla. Sergio is Carlo Verdone also director of the film «Borotalco». Nadia is Eleonora Giorgi. Before arriving at the final, shot in Via Umberto Saba to the EUR, the two protagonists will live different vicissitudes, they exchange kisses and second toughts.

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