Loquis: A « Divo » in Montecitorio

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A « Divo » in Montecitorio


Published on:  2018-02-28 20:44:00

  Rome in the Movies

«Il Divo»is a biographical film of 2008 written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, on the life of the Senator for Life Giulio Andreotti until the nineties. The film narrates a part of the life of Giulio Andreotti, the protagonist of Italian political history for decades, narrated in the period between 1991 and 1993, straddling the presentation of his seventh government and the beginning of the process of Palermo for collusion with the mafia. The film begins with a long series of murders and alleged suicides of prominent personalities. At the time of the first convening of the Parliament in common session for the election, a violent «tussel» erupts: screaming, throwing objects and tinkling handcuffs, all over the head of the impassive Andreotti (Toni Servillo), while the President of the Chamber Oscar Luigi Scalfaro unnecessarily tries to keep the parliamentarians calm. These Sorrento scenes have really turned them to Montecitorio in two armored days.

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