Loquis: A seductive poster

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A seductive poster


Published on:  2018-02-28 18:29:00

  Rome in the Movies

In all its majesty, Anita Ekberg is the obsession of Antonio (Peppino De Filippo) in the episode directed by Fellini of «Boccaccio 70». The poster where he appears lying on the sofa is right in front of the windows of Dr. Antonio, and also produces a tune, very catchy, real nail for Antonio Mazzuolo, who becomes obsessed. He gives himself soon to do to eliminate that image but it turns out attracted sexually by the same figure he would like to censor. Gradually Antonio, in desperation, plunges into a real delirium, which takes him-in a mad night in the park-to bicker with the woman magnified and finally to kill her. The next morning the plumbing will come to retrieve it clinging to the top of the billboard, and to take it away.

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