Loquis: Anna Magnani, a Beautiful Mother

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Anna Magnani, a Beautiful Mother


Published on:  2018-02-28 11:27:00

  Rome in the Movies

During one of the hearings at Cinecittà, Maddalena is approached by a marginal collaborator of Blasetti, Alberto Annovazzi, who brags with her to be able to guarantee her the recommendations for her daughter. When the girl is still summoned for a tryout, the mother, using the sympathy aroused in a young ex-actress reduced to work in the Assembly workshop, manages to assist in hiding at the projection, during which the child, clumsy and shy, she bursts to weep desperately, arousing the mocking laughter of the troupe. Only at this point, Maddalena realizes her mistakes and understands that she has demanded from the child things that the little one did not want or could not do, to have spent needlessly the money that was needed for the family, and to have put so also in crisis the relationship with the husband. Let's see her take the child by the hand and walk to Piazza Mancini. «Bellissima» is a film by Luchino Visconti, we are in 1951.

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