Loquis: Pasquino in meat and bones

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Pasquino in meat and bones


Published on:  2018-02-28 09:45:00

  Rome in the Movies

The story of the two Carbonari, Targhini and Montanari, is intertwined in «Nell’Anno del Signore» by Luigi Magni, with that of the cobbler Cornacchia and his lover Giuditta, a beautiful Jewish girl." The two were tied up with Montanari and Targhini and try to help them. Cornacchia proposes to Cardinal Rivarola to reveal to him the identity of Pasquino once he obtained the grace for the two convicts: since Pasquino is himself, the cobbler actually offers his life for that of the Carbonari. A few days before, in fact, Cornacchia, in a motion of pride in front of the offenses of Judith who considered him a good-for-nothing, had corrected a sacristan who had made a mistake while he was writing, thus revealing that he was not stupid at all. and illiterate as he made people believe in. This news, from person to person, had arrived directly to the Cardinal who, in this way, entangles Cornacchia Pasquino by delivering a letter to him, splitting it as a grace for Montanari, but with the words «Arrest the bearer of the present, Cornacchia» and ordering him to take her to the prisons and not to let anyone read it, except to the Captain of the prison guards, because «grace» is a secret of state. Cornacchia realizes that he has been put in the corner: if he delivers the letter he will be arrested, if the delivery does not reveal that he is Pasquino. In Piazza Trilussa Cornacchia confesses his identity to Giuditta.

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