Loquis: An action carbonara, Nell’Anno del Signore

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An action carbonara, Nell’Anno del Signore


Published on:  2018-02-28 09:37:00

  Rome in the Movies

Rome, 1825: Leo Twelfth is the Pope who applies a reactionary and uncompromising policy, represses any form of individual freedom especially to the Jews. Despite everything, ironic and harshly critical writings about the government are continually affixed to the Pasquino-speaking statue. and take place in secret meetings of the Carbonari. Two carbonates, Leonida Montanari, roman, and Angelo Targhini, from Modena, consider themselves forced to stab their comrade, Prince Filippo Spada, who, in crisis of conscience because of a deadly illness of his little girl, had repented of the affiliation to Carbonari and revealed secrets to his confessor. Sword, however, manages to save itself from the wounds of knife of Targhini and Montanari and denounces them to the pontifical police: the fate of the two carbons is marked, and after a summary trial, the two are condemned to the guillotine.  The attack on the prince is shot in piazza San Bartolomeo all’isola.

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