Loquis: Via della Pace for Woody Allen

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Via della Pace for Woody Allen


Published on:  2018-05-02 07:59:00

  Rome in the Movies

Jack (Jesse Eisenberg), an architecture student, tries not to fall in love with Monica (Ellen Page), best friend of her partner Sally (Greta Gerwig), and is warned by the expert American architect John (Alec Baldwin) not to fall In easy temptations, John will also appear as a conversational figure with Monica and Jack, as if it were a virtual guide Despite John s warnings, the two boys, on a rainy day, give in to temptation and make love. Monica seem to be in love with each other, but Jack wants to wait a few days to tell his girlfriend, busy with university exams.The day he intends to tell her the truth, Monica is chosen for a film that will hold her in America and then Japan for 5 months, the girl immediately «forgot» her fall in love with Jack and Rome, Jack, save for a breath of nonsense, leaving Sally, thanks John for his wise warnings, here John is with his wife and a couple of friends at the Bar of Via della Pace.

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