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Il Conte Tacchia


Published on:  2019-07-05 14:42:00

  Rome in the Movies

« Il Conte Tacchia» is an Italian comedy film of 1982 directed by Sergio Corbucci, it is loosely based on the life of Adriano Bennicelli, nicknamed «Conte Tacchia» 1910. Son of carpenter, Francesco «Checco» Puricelli (Enrico Montesano), in art «Conte Tacchia» (for the habit of adjusting the rickety furniture with wooden wedges called «tacchie») dreams the aristocracy, embodied in Prince Terenzi, but will have to deal with the harsh reality of a Roman decadent and rude nobility. The story is articulated between his love for the commoner Fernanda and the Duchess Elisa and grotesque situations to which he eludes mockingly, until he is invested with the title of Count by King Vittorio Emanuele Terzo so that a French nobleman can ask for satisfaction for an affront immediately with one of the many grimaces With the death of Prince Terenzi (victim of indigestion together with his father), Checco inherits its properties, the title and of course the debts but the Roman aristocratic class does not forget its humble origins. The palace of the Count is the palace of the bench of holy spirit.

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