Loquis: Deep Red and the country

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Deep Red and the country


Published on:  2019-07-05 14:53:00

  Rome in the Movies

In the horror film by Dario Argento, the psychiatrist Giordani and a colleague declare that they are probably grappling with a schizophrenic psychopath, who uses the dirge to recreate the climate of his first murder; moreover, such music is connected to the legend of the Villa of the screaming child, as reported in the essay « Gosths of Today and black legends of the modern Age ». Traced the book, Marc seeks the author, Amanda Righetti; in the same afternoon, however, the woman is murdered by the killer who, after having stunned her, drowns it in boiling water. At the point of death the victim manages to write on the wall steamed the name of the killer. The terrible murder takes place in the Villa of Amanda, in Via della Giustiniana 773 .

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