Loquis: Deep Red, Mamiani school

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Deep Red, Mamiani school


Published on:  2018-02-27 14:41:00

  Rome in the Movies

«Deep Red» is a horror film by Dario Argento of 975. During a conference on telepathic phenomena, Helga Ulmann, a German psychic, perceives that there is a murderer in the audience. At the end of the conference, the medium confides to Dr. Giordani, his colleague, to know the identity of the murderer, who is still in the theater and spies them in. At home, Helga is slaughtered with a butcher s cleaver: the subject dressed in black with raincoat and hat acts under the influence of an infantile maiden In the background, the English jazz pianist Marc Daly, who lives in the same building, is witness to the epilogue of the crime together with his friend Carlo, a depressed and alcoholic subject.The pianist sees the guilty move away in black from the window of the medium. The Commissioner Calcabrini and Gianna Brezzi, a young journalist, arrive: the Leonardo da Vinci middle school, where Marc and Gianna come in at night to look for the drawing, is actually the Liceo Classico Terenzio Mamiani located in Rome in Viale delle Milizie 30.

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