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The Easy Life


Published on:  2018-02-27 14:00:00

  Rome in the Movies

«The Easy Life» is a 1962 film directed by Dino Risi. The film, considered as the director's masterpiece, is one of the most representative film frescoes of Italy's wellbeing and the economic miracle of those years. It's August the city is deserted. Bruno Cortona (Vittorio Gassman), 45 years old scoundrel, lover of beautiful women and sports guide, is looking for a pack of cigarettes and a public phone. Roberto Mariani (Jean Louis Trintignan), law student left in town to prepare for the next exams, offers him hospitality and a telephone. After the call, Bruno proposes to Roberto to spend the day together: The two, supported by the vitality of Bruno, embark on a voyage aboard an old Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider.  Before leaving Rome, follow the avenues around the Foro Italico.

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