Loquis: La Dolce Vita, Baths of Caracalla

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La Dolce Vita, Baths of Caracalla


Published on:  2018-02-27 08:31:00

  Rome in the Movies

In «La Dolce Vita» (1960), the place where Marcello (Mastroianni) and the Swedish star Silvia (Anita Ekberg) dance and begin to know each other is an imitation of the Baths of Caracalla. Fundamental is a phrase that Marcello says to Silvia: "You are all Silvia....ma you know that you are everything? You are everthing, everything! You're the first woman on the first day of creation. You are the mother, the sister, the lover, the friend, the Angel, the Devil, the Earth, the House... Ah Here's what you are: the House. " More than a declaration of love of Marcello to Sylvia, it is a declaration of love of Fellini in Rome.

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