Loquis: Ghosts in Rome, at Quadraro

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Ghosts in Rome, at Quadraro


Published on:  2018-02-26 22:02:00

  Rome in the Movies

The elderly Prince Hannibal of Roviano lives solitary in the old family palace located in the historical center of Rome, in placid cohabitation with a group of ghosts. These are all members of his family and, as the Prince himself pointed out, they all died of violent death. No one can see them, except at the point of death, and even if they have never seen them, the prince is the only one to be sure of their presence. The film of 1961 directed by Antonio Pietrangeli boasted an exceptional cast: Eduardo De Filippo; Marcello Mastroianni; Sandra Milo. In this scene are at the Torre del Quadraro, the farmhouse where the ghost of deposit (Gassman), eccentric painter to whom our people ask for help to save themselves from the looming eviction .

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