Loquis: One coffee please, « paisà »

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One coffee please, « paisà »


Published on:  2018-02-26 20:32:00

  Rome in the Movies

«Paisà» is a film by episodes of 1946 directed by Roberto Rossellini. Second film of the Antifascist War trilogy, is considered one of the peaks of Italian cinema neorealist. Shot with mainly non-professional actors, the film evokes the advance of allied troops from Sicily to northern Italy. It consists of 6 episodes: Sicily, Naples, Rome, Florence, Appennino Emiliano, Porto Tolle. He was nominated for the Oscar 1950 awards for Best Original Screenplay. In Rome, Francesca, the protagonist prostitute, entertains with the soldiers in a café in Via Francesco Crespi, which was then called Pasticceria Moka and today is the restaurant Pizzeria Al Piacere.

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