Loquis: The funeral, Big Deal on Madonna street

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The funeral, Big Deal on Madonna street


Published on:  2018-02-26 12:15:00

  Rome in the Movies

Memmo Carotenuto (Cosimo) is part of the band of the usual unknown, cinematic masterpiece of Monicelli. When the others retire from doing the pawnshop robbery, Cosimo attempts to rob him by himself. He will find the clerk at the counter, far from being intimidated by the gun, and once taken it by his hands, he treats him like any good to commit for a modest sum. Later, Cosimo will be reduced to an attempt to snatching the damage of a lady, but in the escape he dies swept by a tram. His funeral is set in Via Roberto Morra of Lavriano where we see all the other members of the band.

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