Loquis: Lessons of theft, Big Deal on Madonna street

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Lessons of theft, Big Deal on Madonna street


Published on:  2018-02-26 12:08:00

  Rome in the Movies

The terrace where Dante Cruciani (Totò) is giving the lectures of burglary is in Via Enrico Cosenz 11. Dante instructs the five petty thieves on the techniques of his proven craft to rob a mountain of piety. The five penetrated into an apartment adjacent to the mountain break through a wall hoping to penetrate the chest; But they are wrong wall and they find themselves in the kitchen: they console themselves by eating pasta and chickpeas found in the fridge and because of a burst of the gas cylinder they must go away more disheartened than ever. The «extraordinary» participation of Totò is limited to a couple of scenes in which from lessons of burglary to the band of Peppe er Pantera. Proposed before with the title «Madame» had trouble with censorship, it then passed to «O di riffe o di raffe», «La Commare», «The band of the Hole», until the final «Big Deal on Madonna street» award-winning film by Mario Monicelli of 1958.

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