Loquis: The house of pasta and chickpeas

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The house of pasta and chickpeas


Published on:  2018-02-26 11:54:00

  Rome in the Movies

The plan consists of reaching the room of Banco dei Pegni where there is the" comare ", or the safe, after entering the adjoining apartment, considered uninhabited, and knocking down the communicating wall.We are in Via della Cordonata in the film «Big Deal on Madonna street»ofMonicelli, but the apartment is occupied by two elderly servants who served the young servetta Nicoletta (Carla Gravina), one evening for the band the good moment for the shot, taking advantage of the owners absence. But Mario renounces and after overcoming numerous difficulties, the four companions of remaining thefts finally arrive to enter the apartment here, they manage to demolish what they think is the wall designated in the plan, but with their wonder they are found in the kitchen of the house: in fact the owners they had recently changed the arrangement of the furniture, moving the dining room that bordered the Monte di Pietà.With the late hour the band had nothing else to do except giving up, not without, however, take advantage of the pasta and chickpeas found in the kitchen. A loss caused by the thieves to a gas pipe, however, causes an explosion, so they have to dash precipitously into retreat even more ragged and disastrous than before.

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