Loquis: The house for Jeeg Robot

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The house for Jeeg Robot


Published on:  2018-02-26 08:35:00

  Rome in the Movies

« Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot » is a 2016 film directed and produced by Gabriele Mainetti. The film is a tribute to the manga and anime series Jeeg robot Steel by Gō Nagai, which includes some themes Enzo Ceccotti (Claudio Santamaria) a thief of Tor Bella Monaca, is chased by two plainclothes agents for stealing a watch; The escape continues to the banks of the Tiber under Ponte Sant'Angelo, where throwing into the water, comes into contact with radioactive substances contained in some bins hidden below the level of the river. After a night in fever, gagging and chills of cold, wakes up in the morning as cured and returned home (in Via dell’archeologia 71) discovers to have super powers.

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