Loquis: Febbre da Cavallo at Tor di Valle

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Febbre da Cavallo at Tor di Valle


Published on:  2019-07-05 14:48:00

  Rome in the Movies

«Frebbre da Cavallo» is a 1976 film directed by Steno, starring Gigi Proietti, Enrico Montesano, Francesco De Rosa, Mario Carotenuto, Catherine Spaak, Gigi Ballista, Ennio Antonelli and Adolfo Celi. Considered one of the most famous and popular Italian comedies of all time, the story tells of the vicissitudes of three friends struggling with the vice of horse bets: Bruno Fioretti said Mandrake, Armando Pellicci said Er Pomata, and Felice, abusive guard cars . The three spend most of their time trying to put the money together to bet, usually in Tor di Valle. Cheating and scams of all kinds, often to the detriment of Manzotin, Rinaldi Otello, butcher and sworn enemy of the three protagonists.

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