Loquis: Inferno at Piazza Mincio 2

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Inferno at Piazza Mincio 2


Published on:  2018-02-24 10:40:00

  Rome in the Movies

«Inferno» is a film by Dario Argento with Eleonora Giorgi, followed by Suspiria (1977). It precedes nearly thirty years the «The Third Mother» (2007), final chapter of the trilogy of the three mothers. Sara (Eleonora Giorgi), goes to the library (in Piazza Mincio 2 that in the film is shown as Via dei Bagni 49) trying to buy the book of the three mothers, without noticing to be followed. While reading a copy of the book, an ambiguous figure repeatedly calls his name, flees but is attacked by a man who forces her to put down the copy of the book. Sara, terrified, goes back home but....

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