Loquis: Polvere di Stelle in Galleria Sordi

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Polvere di Stelle in Galleria Sordi


Published on:  2018-02-24 09:26:00

  Rome in the Movies

« Polvere di stelle » is a comedy film from 1973 written (in collaboration with Ruggero Maccari and Bernardino Zapponi), directed and starring Alberto Sordi. Mimmo Adami and Dea Dani are husband and wife; Mimmo is a comic and Dea is a soubrette. Together they direct the company big shows Dani Adami and try to make ends meet in the occupied Rome of 1943. The company, after a long period of lean, accepts the only job offer available and by others refused: to set up a tour in Abruzzo, region marred by bombardments that take place just the day when Mimmo accepts the writing. From this point on, the company has to face a series of unexpected events. They go to the Galleria Colonna to get noticed by the world of the raiser that frequented it. Gallery today entitled Galleria Alberto Sordi in homage to the great Roman actor and director.

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