Loquis: Habemus Papam, from Palazzo Barberini at Sistine Chapel

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Habemus Papam, from Palazzo Barberini at Sistine Chapel


Published on:  2018-02-23 12:57:00

  Rome in the Movies

« HABEMUS PAPAM » is a 2011 film by Nanni Moretti.  At the death of the old pope the conclave gathers to elect the new pontiff of the Catholic Church. But the chosen one, Cardinal Melville, is prey to doubts and very strong anxieties and for this reason falls into sudden depression for the fear of not being able to climb worthily to the Pontifical throne. The Vatican then calls a psychoanalyst, professor Brezzi, to assist Melville and help him solve his problems. Indeed Habemus Papam begins with images from the true of the funeral of Pope Wojtyla, in a piazza San Pietro fills up to the far-fetched. The transition to fiction takes place with the procession of Cardinals intent on reaching the Sistine Chapel, a sequence that was actually shot at Palazzo Barberini.

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