Loquis: Piazza Navona, an ice cream for Julia Roberts

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Piazza Navona, an ice cream for Julia Roberts


Published on:  2019-01-18 11:09:00

  Rome in the Movies

«  I have a love story with pizza ... let s say it s a kind of bread and love and carbohydrates ». So Julia Roberts in a joke of the movie « Eat, pray and love » (by Ryan Murphy, 2010) begins the eulogy of the food that becomes the real protagonist of the scenes shot in Rome.This is where the pleasures of life, good food are intertwined with the story of the film - taken from the bestseller by Elizabeth Gilber - that of a woman that the failure of her marriage decides to make tourists abroad, on a journey in search of herself: discovering food in Rome (an all-American cast except for our Luca Argentero), spirituality in India, passion in Bali, even if stereotyped, the Rome that is the background to the film is that of the alleys of Trastevere, the art of Piazza Navona (in the scene, savoring an ice cream sitting on the bench), shopping in Via del Corso, but above all food, exalted in the trattorias of the historical center, or in the dinner at the home of friends.

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